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December 17, 2010

We’re all gonna die!

When Sapphire, 19, proclaims that all of the current draconian health measures are ridiculous because “we’re all gonna die”, you get to appreciate that young people like her may be right in believing that far too many resources are being wasted on a lost cause at the detriment of our enjoyment of the days we do have.

"There's a real link between our aging population and the new draconian health measures," says Sapphire. "I don't think the government wants all of us to live forever, but the geriatrics in power behind the faces we see on television most definitely want to achieve that goal for themselves."

"Look at the sudden surge of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and surgeries designed specifically to extend the life or the youth of old people," confides Sapphire. "Viagra and all of that stuff coincided with anti-smoking propaganda. They are terrified of anything -- cigarettes, alcohol or even loud music -- that might jeopardize their ability to keep it up forever!"

"They hate us because we smoke, do drugs and live lives that they can only dream about now," says Sapphire. "They want to hang on to power forever. They hog jobs that should be going to young people. Because we have the youth that they don't have, they want to deny us what we enjoy."

"And the health nuts are just sooooo boring that I don't even want to talk about them," laughs Sapphire. "They are likely to be ex-smokers, ex-druggies and born-again Christians on a mission to make everyone as boring as they are."

"These are the people who are driving the government to put out all the anti-drug propaganda," says Sapphire. "Why? Do they want all of our jobs and all the fun of bars and clubs that we once had?"

"There are going to be an awful lot of unemployed people if all the jobs go to non-smokers and clean living people," laughs Sapphire, "and an awful lot more crime, too, if they keep raising the tax on tobacco."

"I can already get cigarettes on the street a lot cheaper than I can buy them legally, and when smokers stop paying tobacco tax who do you think is going to fund healthcare?"

“We’re all gonna die or one thing or another, guys, so why don’t we all just chill out and enjoy ourselves while we can.”

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